Recently, we had an opportunity to participate in In-Store Asia event held at the Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai. Cosign was one of the exhibitors there with a classy booth in the expo area.

In-Store Asia 2018 is the largest and most comprehensive retail trade shows in India for retail sources and investment in store design, VM, and in-store marketing.

This event is attended by over 7500 retail and brand companies, consultants, manufacturers in this domain, and service providers. Procurement experts, brand developers, architects, creative directors, interior design experts, and communication managers get together at this event to know about the latest, cutting-edge, innovative solutions for in-store marketing and developing store aesthetics. Spread across 12,000 sq/m, this year’s edition of the event saw 50% rise in the visitor footfall.

This was our first year at the exhibition and we had a great time interacting with the attendees and booth visitors. We showcased our innovative modular signage solutions. We also launched our new Art and fabric frames at the event which were highly appreciated by the audience.

During our interactions with the attendees at our booth, we got some very interesting insights and also got a chance to demystify some common myths about modular signage solutions. Let me take outline some of the common misconceptions we heard at the event (and I have also tried to explain why we call these as “misconceptions”)

Myth 1 Modular signage solutions are restrictive

One of the most common questions we heard at the event was “can the modular signage work for our brand because we have very specific branding guidelines?”. Well, the short answer is, YES! Modular signage solutions are not restrictive in nature at all. You need to get creative in using the right products and that’s a part of the solution which your signage solution provider should be able to offer. The signage providers know the products and how they can be used. A quick consultation with them should help you in addressing your requirements.

 Myth 2 Modular signage solutions are expensive

I cannot blame the buyers for this conception. As the modular signage solutions offer a modern, classy, and contemporary look, it is obvious to think that such high quality can come only at a high price. However, if one looks at the overall costs and the high returns in terms of durability, flexibility, sturdiness, ease of maintenance, and consistent branding, one will realise that it is totally worth the investment.

 Myth 3 Modular signage solutions are difficult to install

In fact, it is the other way round. Modular signage solutions are extremely easy to install because of the standardisation. Anybody with a little training can install the products in no time – saving you the costs of labour in installations.

 Myth 4 Modular signage solution providers do not offer support and service

While this may be true for some vendors, you can always apply your due diligence and choose a vendor which has a track record of providing a stellar after-sales support and service. Don’t hesitate to ask for references and check with those before choosing the vendor.

 The visitors at our booth appreciated the following things in Cosign signage solutions –

  • A solution-centric approach: We understand your brand requirements, and branding objectives. Based on that, we suggest the right combination of products and designs to help you achieve your marketing and branding goals.
  • Full customisation: We work very closely with you to ensure that the signage solution completely follows your brand, font, colours, and communication objectives. We also understand how exactly the products will be used at your end and suggest other customisation for maintainability and durability.
  • Full support: We understand that selection of the products is only the beginning. You need to get those appropriately installed through your properties. We assist you right through the process and make sure that the work is completed within the stipulated time frame.

The Launch of a New Product

At the event, we launched our new product called “Art Frames” which garnered a lot of interest from the booth visitors. Made of aluminium, the Cosign Art Frames are lightweight and can compliment any painted or printed canvas. There was a particular interest for these frames from shops and showrooms for their modern and contemporary look and the ease they offer for canvas changing.

We had a great time at the event and I am sure we will come back for the next event – with more interesting products and solutions. Till then, have a look at our site at


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